Instructions Stick Instructions

*********************** Things you provide************************
TV with one free HDMI slot
Wifi Internet connection
An overwhelming desire to save money

**********************Things we provide*************************
KodiOnFire TV stick
Power cable
Power adapter
6 months of support

If any of the items are missing that we provide contact us immediately

Let’s set up your KodiOnFire Stick
Plug the small end of the USB power cord into the Fire TV Stick device and the other end into the power adapter
Plug the Fire TV Stick into an available HDMI port on your TV
Turn on your TV and select the applicable HDMI input
Once the KodiOnFire stick is plugged into your TV, make sure your TV is powered on. You will see a login screen. Log in with a free amazon account (only email needed ) No personal info is needed.


How to connect device to wifi

from the main screen of amazon select settings > system > select network  and enter your wifi password


How to get to Kodi from amazon home screen

Once on the main screen of amazon ex.  below

amazon home

go to settings  > applications > manage installed application > select Kodi > select launch kodi

Once in Kodi what to do?

Once in Kodi you will see VIDEOS, MUSIC, ETC
Look under videos then select an application, for example Exodus, it will open the application. Each application holds different content. Under videos each add on is listed from most favorite to least favorite.
Recommended add ons Movies and Tv shows– Phoenix, 1Channel, Exodus, Velocity, SALTS (stream all the sources). SPORTS- Sports Devil, Castaway. For Adult content- Videodevil, Erotikxxx. Please go through and check each application to see what content works and what does not work.
For more add ons under the video section click add ons and you will see the add ons that are currently installed. Click on any you would like to try and it will load up.


Troubleshooting/Buffering the KodiOnFire stick
Make sure you are connected to the internet by following these steps: go to setting, then system, then network. Make sure you see your Wi-Fi checked once inside of the network screen.
Ways to stop buffering: Delete your CACHE if you are experience a lot of buffering. Buffering does depend on your internet speed and also the server you are streaming the movie or tv show from. If the link you are watching is slow try a different one. Deleting your CACHE before entering into kodi is key for best performance. How to delete CACHE: go to settings  > select application> select manage application > select KODI > select delete cache> select launch kodi.Force stopping Kodi  – If Kodi freezes or continuously loads click the home button one time and it will take you to the amazon screen. Once there, click on  settings > application > manage applications > select Kodi and select force stop then launch Kodi again.



Not all add-ons will work all the time. Add-ons will occasionally go down for repair or updates and they can sometimes take hours or days to come back up. I do not guarantee any content.  Please DO NOT run any fire tv software factory restore or reset ( Clear Data) on this device or you will lose Kodi